3 Girls Used The Toilet Slave

3 woman's used the toilet slaveChristina - has accumulated crap for 2 days. Yana - has accumulated poop for 2 days. Amina - constipation 4 days. All the women strongly desired to kaviar and in every possible way hurried me to commence shooting. I was startled - because I have to gulp everything - I should not disgrace the girls! Christina was the first - to her taste and smell I had long been accustomed to and loved it! She always hurried me - Swallow faster, the girls want to shit, the girls are waiting! Yana was second, her shit was sweet to taste and contained a large number of grains that crunched in my mouth. In the process of shooting Yana pooping 2 times and additionally fed me female secretions. Amina was the third. I was in anticipation of a big pile. By phone, Amina told me that she had shit on Sunday - today was Wednesday! I asked - so you have a hard and a lot? She answered - Yes, and laughed! She had a very hard and well-formed shit - swallowing it is as difficult as diarrhea. When it all ended I felt myself used - it was really tough, I thought that I could not keep it to myself, but I did it! I think now Im ready to serve 4 girls, but I think - this is my maximum!