3 Princesses Strike The Devil And Shit Him In The Mouth

3 princesses hit the satan and crap him in the mouth. The princesses play the game - how many numbers will fall on the cube, so many blows on the face will get the demon. The princesses hammer in full and the devil has a hard time! After the game, its time for the toilet - the girls want to shit! Christina, Amina and Yana alternately put their shit in the devils mouth and order them to swallow! In life, these three ladies - beautiful and well-groomed, they eat right and dress beautifully, monitor their health, go in for sports and meet with lovers. But when they throw me the contents of their asses into my mouth, I feel what these ladies are smelly! But this is their dark side, which their lovers and family members should not know - this secret is only for their personal slave.