A Bottle Of Champagne By Mistress Giorgia

The wonderful Mistress Giorgia determines to humiliate her fresh slave more and more. Today, while showcasing us a fresh dress she has just bought and that makes her divine bod even more beautiful, the gorgeous Mistress has determined to let all the hot piss drink to the slave. After having shown us the signs she left on the servants body with hers innate sadism, she coerces him to keep a bottle under her that slowly fills through a funnel of her warm and golden nectar. Before being able to quench the thirst of the divine piss of the wonderful Mistress Giorgia, the slave is coerced to lick from the floor until the last drop that he has dropped due to carelessness, while the sadistic Mistress Giorgia continues to rage with her heels on his already tortured meat. Finally, the slave can drink from the bottle the precious piss of his Goddess while she, comfortably sitting, mocks and humiliates him relentlessly. Splendid Mistress Giorgia: wonderfully sadistic and perverse!!