A Toilet Slave For The Biker Girl

Samantha is a beautiful biker dame with amazing blue eyes and pretty little feet. She went to her very first set oh yeah, this is the very first fetishbdsm movie in her life! with a pair of old motorcycle boots, inseparable and stinky companions in thousands of trips on two wheelsas you well know, leather boots are fabulous absorbers of bad smells: so, be careful not to breath deeply when a biker dame liquidates them! In this femdom video session, Samantha meets a total slave: in fact, hes a toilet slave, a human furniture, a human footstool, a carpet and much more. Before using him as he deserves, Miss Samantha teaches him an unforgettable lesson in female domination: she spits in his mouth, she tramples him and, obviously, demands him to be worshipped as a Goddess: her dirty boots and her stinky feet, for example, must be cleaned very carefully! Then, Miss Samantha takes a black funnel, cause she has to relieve her bladder obviously, the toilet slave must drink ALL!