A Very Candid Poop

Good morning! I had a little problem this morning. I was on My way to My playspace to use todays toilet slave when I received an email from him telling Me he couldnt make it. So I got off the tube, grabbed Myself a coffee and a cinnamon bun, and I headed home, dying for a kaviar. I had My phone on Me which has a good camera on it, so I figured it would be a shame for a nice big dump to go to waste. So I determined to film Myself getting home and heading up to the bathroom, then taking a big feces on the floor just for you. I know you fantasy of being My toilet slave, so this is a movie to showcase you what My poop is like, up close and individual. I am talking directly to you the whole way through, telling you how much I want to feed you My shit and showing you how amazing and textured it is. I even make you jerk off to it and give you a little mantra to repeat, to really get yourself into the toilet slave headspace. I hope you enjoy this video, this is the real thing. no studio lights, no make up, no fancy effect, just Me and My poo.