Accept Your Fate Toilet

I know, I seem violent and heartless. But you know, this is best for youYou will be more satisfied when I abased you. So I produce one of the foulest shits ever in the history of toilet slavery. This movie is a bounty to all my admirers and future slaves. So I attempt to help my toilet slave understand and accept its fate. You get to see me whip the slave and torture him with my shoes, but better yet, you get to see the smile on my face and the light in my eyes as he pleads, squirms and suffers. You get to admire my flawless form from many angles. My sexy legs are displayed to their best advantage in my black panties and bra as I maneuver to catch the slave. The slave is so far up my ass umiliated youwith its tongue you almost dont see the shit coming down into its mouth. You get to see me naked from the waist down as I explain to the slave why it should gratefully accept its fate as my shit receptacle. So you can play with your tiny dick while Im shitting in his mouth.