Akaris Not So Little Secret

Akari had a big appetite that she hid from her co-workers. But she would get penalized every afternoon when her belly rumbled from all the food, and she would pull out the most scandalous piles of crap in the office toilet. Today, Akari sat embarrassed as she felt her forty-something butthole expanding like a balloon to unload her not so little secret. Her nostrils scrunched when she smelled her accidental fart; it smelled like gym socks and nasty kaviar. Her belly rumbled again, before her turd began its sliding descent into the toilet. The green kaviar was long and unbroken, and slid effortlessly from her gaping anus, creating a flower-like pile on the toilet. Akari could barely breathe from her shits acrid smell. She felt like half of her intestines was pulled out from the effort. But she felt lighter and she was already thinking of what she would eat again to create such magnificent turds.