Asias First Time

I met the gorgeous and very youthfull Asia she will be 23 years old in september in indeed bizarre circumstances: I was at a bday party of mutual friends, when all of a sudden the beautiful doll sitting next to me embarked having a tummy ache and had to go to the toilet at full speed. When she returned from the toilet, she smiled at me, saying: Theres nothing better than shitting when you need to!. Totally fascinated by her natural way of talking about bodily needs, I told her who I am and what kind of videos I usually make as ItalScats producer. Her incredible curiosity about my passion and business delighted me and from that shitty conversation our shitty collaboration was born! Asias First Time is the first of a series of selfie videos, in which youll see her shitting in front of the camera, talking to you - dear shitlovers - with her sexy voice and inviting you to taste the delicious fruits of her sensual body! You will be amazed by the big pile of fresh shit produced by such a wonderful .