Ayannas Funky Return Biscuits And Gravy

My lady is back!! Ayanna is one of my OG FUNKYladies from when I very first created this store on Scatshop.she was one of the very first to raise the bar with her public toilet EFRO content at work she helped budge me from the same old toilet clips I knew and loved and only was comfy with. This then teenager was always game even back 7 years ago!! Always attempting out different camera angles, risky locations Pizza Hut would be shocked what she was doing in the employee bathroom back then!. and positions. She was one you only had to throw and Idea once, and she would take it and put her own spin on it! All this whil sneaking around her house so her parents didnt know she was making scat and farting clips. She dissapeared all of a sudden about three years ago, as she was afraid she was gonna get ratted out by a sibling. Now a grown butt independent 26 year old woman, She aint gotta hide it from her parents no more!! LOLIn her comeback, love as she serves of a fresh plate of Biscuits and gravy as she shoves out a runny, FUNKY fountain onto a plate. She shows off her suggesting. Looks like she wasnt done as once she commenced wiping, she sprung another mudbutt leak into the the toilet. Enjoy as she switched to an overhead view. She films the action from two different camera as She thinks she has a little privacy, but her lover returns home early, only to walk in and get overwhelmed by the STENCH. Enjoy their hilarious conversation about how like something crawled up in her and died! Lol he needs a mercy flush! He is also amazed at how long she has been in the bathroom. Her man then discovers her camera setup. Looks like she has a game lover, as he is fascinated that guys pay to watch her shit! They have a hilarious conversation as she finishes up. From the plate to the bowl, damn this shit machine hasnt lost a step!! She made quite the mess, getting mudbutt literally all over the toilet bowl, the toilet seat and in her hand!! Enjoy this first return in 3 years from one of my all time favorites!!