Bathroom Enslavement And Piss Torment

When this man entered his bathroom, he is instantly greeted by the view of a dominatrix! He doesnt know who she is nor how she got in, but before he could make her leave, she grabs him and rips off his clothes! As soon as he is rendered downright naked, she fits his underwear over his head and restrains his mitts on a hard structure! Now that he has no way of resisting, she embarks repeatedly slapping his cheeks! Using all her strength with every repetition causes the victim to scream in aching pain again and again! Though, it doesnt take long before the sweetheart gets bored of it so she proceeds to lay him on the floor, clear his face, and urinate directly into his mouth! He doesnt even get the opportunity to resist, leaving him with no choice but to let the piss effortlessly flow down his throat until she finishes!