Big Lump Of Shit

I have to go to work, but I also have to take a poo, and I dont feel like holding it all day. Especially when I have a living toilet serving me. That way not only do I get to take a dump whenever I feel like it, but I also feel immense pleasure from its suffering. Arousing the toilet is always a plus, because it feeds on my poo like Ive given it the best cake in the world. I kick, what used to be a humans nutsack, drool on it, make it clean my footwear, and even permit it the privilege of worshipping my ideal feet. That alone should be enough prize for it to do whatever I want. After that its time to remind it why I even bother so much with it. Eating my waste is all that it leads to. Dehumanising it and turning it into the flawless feces eater. As always, I need very few words, for it to obey and do exaclty what I ask. Lubricate my ass, take the shit into its mouth, and just staying there like a mindless object. After all toilets dont move. I could leave it like that for the whole day, and it would do it gladly. But enough fun for me and it. Its time to go to work, and I have one final thing to do. Remind it of its place in life. I kick it some more and spit on it, while explaining what it is to me. Its so good being me- a Goddess.