Black Friday Eat Shit Pig Smothering

Part of being superior is taking care of the ones who serve you. My toilet pig is greedy, so as its proprietor I have the responsibility to provide it with breakfast. It is well trained to take all of my waste and has accepted its fate of living under me. You can see how erected it gets when I inform it, that my phat kaviar is coming. This dick is not used for pleasing women, but as an instrument, of being managed by ME. It has to work for the main meal of course. Lubricating my arse is a must, as well as smelling all my farts, to the full extent. I take a big smelly crap in my toilets mouth, dont you admire the way I cook? Next, I proceed to sit on top of its face, to make sure that everything goes directly in its body. There is no way to resist. You either eat the shit Ive served PIG, or you get suffocated under my perfect ass. I inspect the final result and am pleased with the result. Because of my hard efforts, I had to get dirty, and I show it to you. Wouldnt you just love to clean whats left?