Broken Toilet 16 – Thick Creamy Turds

There is nothing more beautiful and special than a man whom is willing to do anything for a womans convenience and pleasure. As Im sitting in front of the camera displaying you my fresh mask and explaining why I had to buy a fresh one I all of a sudden feel a discomfort and cramps in my lower abdomen. Its almost been 3 days since I took a feces and the pressure from within against my pink hole is abruptly strong. I call over my trusty human toilet Loyal Sub and he crawls on his forearms and knees towards me. I inform him I need to take a big kaviar and that he should make his mouth available for me to take this nasty big feces in. It comes as no surprise that he is very honored for this task and thank me for this chance. Of course he is not worthy of tasting and consuming my stinking waste that comes out of my flawless butt-hole and he needs to EARN this privilege very first. Can you guess how? You guessed right, its Arse Eating time! I can NEVER get tired of a slave eating my booty hard while my bowels is full, feeling him absorb my butt odor into his mouth. As I pull my G-String down and my leather jacket up he buries his face into my smelly bottom and I love feeling his moist, warm and soft tongue eating my smelly asshole in long humid strokes. This feels amazing but its not good enough so I smack him, gram his head and tell him he better get his tongue DEEP in there. So I ordered him to get into a very awkward position as I did a pony stand over his face and lowered my pink pucker onto his open mouth. This felt MUCH better, well for me anyway. Feeling his tongue exploring every smelly wrinkle of my butt-hole as he works it into my full rectum, lubricating the peak of my thick creamy turd in there with his tongue. I could feel its now or never, my bowels were contracting so he got into position. As I lean over on the padded chair I order him to open his mouth for me and I just let go right after he eaten my rectum one last time. The most satisfying and intense pleasure of relieve washed over me as I evacuate my bowels right into his open mouth. I could LITERALLY feel the movement in my lower abdomen as that very first turd slide out leisurely. The thickness and warmth as this thick creaminess glided out leisurely. I took a colossal feces in his mouth and can imagine I pulled a face from the pleasure only a mother can love. It felt like this turd would never end. It wasnt over, 4 more creamy turds slipped out one by one. I honestly dont know where all this poo came from and cant believe it all came out of me. If I didnt see it on the movie sliding out of my butthole with my own eyes I never wouldve believed it. With his mouth completely filled and the massive pile of my soft turd sticking out high above his face I got up. It was then I felt theres a bit more and felt extremely sadistic. So after I got up I silently pushed the last little bit out between my pinched buttocks and I could feel a soft messiness created between my buttocks, the pressure between them increasing. Youll see soon what I did with that Evil GrinNow I move the camera to a close view of his face and ask him to chew my shit. I must be the luckiest woman alive. I have a normal, happy life, a husband who love me and with who I can make love as much as I want. And then I have this slave, I never had to sit on a impersonal cold toilet. I can take big, nasty shits right into his mouth and watch him chew it to satisfy my sadistic and cruel side. I film him chewing my thick, creamy turds while explaining to you the viewers the importance of why Im making him chew it. While this is happening my slave decide to show his ultimate devotion to me as a woman and his owner by starting to swallow. This gives me such a warm and happy feeling that he does something so revolting just to please me. Remember that last but of soft shit I pushed out between my clenched buttocks? Time for him to lick my anus clean. He filmed the soft shit caked between my buttocks for you and then started to wash my anus with his tongue. There was so much there he had to scoop it out with his tongue twice. He shows you this close up to the camera and then swallow it making sure he stays in view for you to see this happening. He gagged and I LOVE that! I know very well that the last bit of soft shit that leaves your rectum taste and smell a LOT WORSE than the whole load. He licked and licked and licked and I enjoyed every second of his 1 hour discomfort with that revolting taste in him mouth. Trust me, licking a mess like that clean takes much longer than you might think. Shit is sticky and stubborn so it takes a lot of licking. This is the only place youll see some cuts to avoid the video being over 1 hour long lol He shows you more than once close up views of my anus so you can see his progress. I LOVE how exhausted he got near the end trying his best to lick that soft shit out from between every wrinkle of my anus. My apologies for being so wet. I cant help it, it was just so erotic and arousing feeling his struggle LOLYou will see the movement of the camera and the noise as I didnt do cuts during most of the video. I wanted you to see what we do and how it works when you film from more than one angle using only one camera. This video is a little over 15 minutes and filled with scenes of my ass being licked, my massive shit I take into my slaves mouth slowly, him chewing my shit, some up close swallowing I operated the camera myself to ensure he stays in full view and the swallowing action of that last soft shit stuck between my buttocks when he licked my ass clean. I LOVE my life! This video is a MUST see in the Broken Toilet Series xoxo.