Broken Toilet 49 – Orgasmic Shit

It was one of THOSE bowel movements. Besides the fact that it was indeed big. Its one of those ones that feels so fucking good pushing out you cant help but wriggle and squeal loudly from the intense pleasure and ease it gives you. If youre a fan of observing a woman reaching orgasm from taking a massive poop into someones mouth and reaching orgasm as he gobbles her bowel movement under her you better keep reading! Demonstrating you my most intimate vulnerable side in this movie. Its no secret that I get turned on and very excited by taking a crap in someones mouth. But its not that often my urge for orgasmic release get so intense that I cant help myself and embark to orgasm on camera. I dont script my Violated Toilet movies and I just go with the flow and say do what I feel like in the moment. It was such a big shit that I took in his mouth that my arousal went through the roof. The fact that my slave is so devoted that he kept on eating and swallowing as I kept shitting despite the suffering discomfort it brings him only made my urge to release that much more. I had a somewhat intimate moment with him, holding onto his arm during my very loud moans of my orgasm. was shitting in his mouth and cumming right in his face so showing him a little affection shouldnt be a problem. Afterwards I looked down at him. Couldnt help laughing right in his face as I talked to him, asking him how much he enjoy eating my shit lol It feels good for me watching my toilets in action, consuming the rest of my waste while I talk to them. He is indeed lucky he gets such opportunities like eating my shit. Its very special being a toilet for a woman like me xoxo Are you a fan of enema diarrhea videos? Be sure to check out my other video called Drinking My Enema From My Ass and Broken Toilet 46 Messy Scat Enema! If youre a fan of girls taking massive shits then you should take a look at my video Broken Toilet 45 - Scat Orgasm where I took such a huge shit in my slaves mouth I started to cum in full view for you xoxo.