Brown Gold – Served Ice Cold

For your pig Peter, Mistress Carter has come up with something very special! Since the emptying of your divine intestinal contents into the mouth of your novice has now become routine, today there is a very special toilet education in 3 acts! In the very first act, the mistress kicks your Klomaul a thick brown greenish branch in his mouth broad open! Followed by Mistress Carters request not to guzzle your brown gold yet, as she has far more perverted things to do with her novice! In the 2nd alto goes after a transformation and Peter becomes Sissy Petra! And in the third and final act, Peters thickest challenge so far has come! Ice cold shit from Mistress Carter, straight from the freezer into his slave mouth. The novice has to fight with his nausea and even the mistress is surprised by the kind of fierce smell of her caviar that she even needs to wear a breathing mask during the session! Will Peter pass this exam?