Brown Ribbons

The mistress had been drinking slew of dairy to soften her stool, and she desired to unload her very first poo on the slaves face. Her black high high-heeled slippers stood in acute contrast to the white room as she squatted atop the slaves face, whose mouth was broad open to take in all her fetid farts. The dairy was doing its job well, as she eased down her belly and began shooting cute, light brown ribbons into the slaves mouth. The poo ribbons were warm and soft, and smelled of fouled cheese. They squirted quickly and formed a round pile on the slaves mouth and chin. Finishing, the mistress begins doodling at the warm, soft shit, making sure that she smeared it all over the slaves lips. She loved playing with shit, and today was no different. The slave had been bound with cling wrap so he doesnt move, and she smiled at the loser as she trampled him with her heavy heels all over his body.