Constipated Moaning Hard Toilet Shit Plopping

I wish I had gotten this poo out on my break at work but its too embarrassing! Plus I cant film at work ;P I sit down and pull down my taut black leggings to my knees and later to my ankles, bunched up above my footwear. You can see my white undies as I pull them down too and get ready to lodge in. I talk through the practice, lighthearted but tightening from how long Ive held it in and how hard the shit is. I try to play on my phone to distract from the bad smell and the pressure in my belly and the stretching on my asshole, but eventually I have to focus and keep pushing it out! I courtesy flush in the middle of the video because I cant take the smell, but I have to flush at the end again because I shit even more after, and I let you watch that shit and all the messy toilet paper I used to wipe on camera. It swirls down and leaves skidmarks in the bowl. This is one hard stinky poo but Im glad I could share it with you :p.