Constipation Clinic

With repeated belly cramps and having difficulty pooping, this sweetheart ultimately seeks the aid of a professional! So here she is, inwards a clinic and taking off her lower garments! She is then laid down on a bed with blindfold over her eyes to prevent her from getting bashful! Without further ado, the assigned personnel embarks with his work by massaging her abdomen! At very first, it seems that his efforts are not having any effect, but eventually, the woman starts to moan heavily! Apparently, she is beginning to feel the urge to defecate! So, she is immediately bent over and then a plastic bowl is placed just underneath her butt! Shortly after, she starts shooting balls and lumps of feces into the container! It started slow, but as the situation progresses, her ejection gradually got faster! She then ends it all with a strong burst of wet feces and bad air which stinks up the entire room! What did you expect from filth that has long been stored in her body?