Cruel Toilet Control

Im always used my toilet slave, much more often than you can imagine. He regularly gulps and slurps my feces for two years. I think that I brought up a good toilet for myself and he will be afraid and obey me. I guideline him to eat my boots and make them clean so they shine from the gloss. Making sure that my footwear are clean I take off my undies and stuff them into his mouth. I drool in the mouth and he must swallow my spittle. I sit down on his face and make him to lick my asshole. I control his breath and prepared an edible gift for him. When shit comes out of my ass, he opens his mouth and catches my shit and it hits the target. Without the help of his hands he puts a huge piece of shit in his mouth and waits for the next serving. He is trained to be a toilet in your home. If you need a live toilet, then you can always use the toilet slave, for fun or for want. It is very convenient and practical. For example, in a car, on a trip or on the street. But you must be cruel in handling a toilet slave so that he does not resist and is not ashamed of his role in your life!