Detective Coleman – Toilet Rights

Detective Coleman is on the case! And she always gets true justice! She even has her own set of rights she reads you while arresting you! Since this particular state falls under Tempest Law she reads you your Toilet Rights instead of Miranda Rights You are under arrest. You have the right to smooch booty. You have the right to have your face sat on. You have the right to be a toilet, if you dont have someone to use you as a toilet you can be mine and eat my crap! See as detective Coleman visit Mr. Ericson with a warrant for his arrest, reading him his Toilet Rights Witness as she interrogate him by sitting nude on his face, making him despairingly gasp for air while he has to tongue her booty. She whips him with her own leather spanking paddle she made herself, make him gobble her booty and even suffocate him with her booty to help him understand he is now under HER control. His desperate fight against the restraints his wails of agony for air only intensified her pleasure as she experienced numerous silent orgasms on his face, her lady jizz pumping out of her vagina into his nasal cavities. Eventually he cracks all criminals are losers and break effortless during interrogation with this beautiful detective He wants to cut a deal. Detective Coleman can make sure he avoids prosecution but then he has to be a toilet for her and eat her feces. You dont want to miss how this hot detective always gets what she wants from loser criminals like Mr. Ericson. In this case he was arrested for not getting on all fours in front of women. You see, in the state of Tempest-Ville whenever a man see any woman he must kneel in front of them. Mr. Ericson violated this law by not getting down on all fours in front of all women he might see. A VERY serious offense in the state of Tempest-VilleAfter a long day of interrogation with the masculine suspect Detective Coleman can eventually have a seat on her toilet chair with the suspect underneath. She tells him to exercise his right to open his mouth for her to poo into. Observe the intense pleasure she practice from the relieve of taking such a big shit of several long, thick creamy turds into his mouth. Then see how she verbally humiliates him, telling him how she likes to make scumbags like him eat her shit as she films him up close chewing and swallowing her bowel movement. This hot female detective has definitely shown this male suspect that women are in power and FULL CONTROL! FULL DISCLOSURE: Please take note this video contains an EXTREME smothering suffocation scene between me and my slave Devoted Sub. He was already over a minute without air by the time we started to film that particular scene. His panic, wailing and desperate pleading struggle for air caused me to have more than one orgasm. I let my multiple orgasm finish right on his face and didnt let him breathe, his agony only enhancing the intensity of my orgasm youll see my girl cum leaking out of my vagina in the scene right after. NEVER try to do what I do as I have extensive experience and training in extreme smothering. I have a spotter on set to intervene if things get out of hand, I have medically trained personal less than two minutes away. My slave consent to this kind of extreme treatment regularly and WILLINGLY with full consent. His vitals are monitored no less than 12 times in the 4 hours prior to such a scene and monitored a full 48 hours afterwards. These are just a handful of all precautions we take to ensure his well-being. Please do NOT try this as it can be extremely dangerous. ALWAYS play with someone and be safe! xoxo.