Diabolic Sigal – Big Fleshy Shit

I didnt go to the toilet for 3 days and I indeed desired to feces. I called my toilet slave and directive him to come. God, I slightly restrained, but I dreamed to fill his mouth with my big thick shit. When he arrived I made him clean my feet first. My feet are very dirty and need cleaning! Now he will suffer, while cleaning them with his tongue! He is my dirty doormat, and my human toilet of course. I can use him for whatever I want! He licked my dirty soles and my dirty asshole, and I knew that he was not ready for what I have prepared for him. I shit directly in his mouth, swallowing my shit out, but the shit was too big for his mouth HAHAHA so nasty, but entertaining nonetheless. I dont care, he is just a HOLE, my toilet hole! Isnt he a lucky one?