Diabolic Sigal – Slaves Feeding

My toilet slave came to me with flowers, but I kicked him in the nuts and hit him on the head with a bunch of flowers. He fell to his knees and I determined to penalize him. Im training my fresh slave as shoe licker, or better, as a shoe-sole licker. Im not blessed of his spectacle, it seems that his tongue is too dry and he cannot produce enough slaver. But I have the right solution for that. Today I would like to do something different with you, something really extreme and dirty: I want to use you as my toilet slave. I know that you are afraid of that but I also know that the idea is a big turn-on for you and your cock is already getting hard. Open your mouth slave and swallow, you dont have to waste even a single piece of shit. Taste the aroma and think how lucky you are: many slaves would like to be my toilet that but only a few are allowed this privilege. But I want to do more with you: I want you to eat my shit too!!!