Doctor Zaleya JOI Poo With Verbal Humiliation

I like to do role playing sometimes. So in this clip I play the role of a sexy doctor that consults her pantient from the top of his head untill the insides of his anus. Nothing unusual at the consult. So I had to check the ballsack and man sausage to see if they are alright. Very first the nut sack. Result : unusual position. Varicocele. So I told my patient I need his semmen for the laboratory examination to check his fertility level. Underneath the doctor robe, I like to wear translucent lace hooter-sling, sexy nylongs and puny knickers. Of course, I like to help my patient in need so I began to do a handjob and put his face inbetween my big generous breasts, played with my puffies and let him lick them. I let him kiss my buttocks and teased him with my perfect body! To speed up things, I have a special medicine for this kind of situation. I let him sniff and sniff and... sniff again! It was ECSTATIC combined with my seductive tehnique! At the end I ruined his orgasm and I have taken the semmen into a vacuum jar, for the lab examination. Of course, I am even kinkier. So I like to poop for my fans huge turds while I am full naked underneath the robe. I shit in a transparent vessel, while Im talking to you, the hidden viwer that has his hand on his cock, wanting so desperately to jerk off for my big ass opening up and releasing the waste. I know you dream to lick me clean. But are you worthy ?While I talk to you I moved the vessel in a close up position so that you can enjoy a better view and how it would taste. Shit scene is recorded in 4k!!!!