Drink My Piss Loser

I indeed opened the floodgates of my overfull bladder as this loser sputtered, gurgled and gulped to keep up guzzling my warm piss! And he had LOTS of piss from me to gulp. I urinated a Entire 1 minute and 30 seconds! Theres nothing more erotic than hearing some loser swish and gulp as he fight to keep up gulping your stable stream of piss while you practice that warm numbing feeling of your piss running out of you. I started pissing harder out of spite to make him struggle even more to keep up as I love drowning losers in my warm salty piss. That is after all what LOSERS are for! This video has it all, youll see my vagina swollen from pure arousal as I start pissing into this losers mouth and face for over a minute and a half as our microphone picked up the crisp clear sound of his gurgle and gulps as he swallows my piss. Youll also hear that wonderful hissing sound of my strong streams of piss flowing out of my vagina into his mouth and face. If you are a fan of seeing a girl taking a massive, strong and long piss in a losers face and mouth as he drinks it all this video will make your ultimate fantasy dreams come true! Disclosure: Face Farts 5, Wet Wars as well as Drinking Enema From My Ass were all filmed on the same set as this video using the same props. Therefor the background may seem similar but it is NOT the same videos. Be sure to check my store for all my other clips! xoxo.