Dropping Turds At The Train Station

Today I was walking around the city and felt a heaviness in my belly. Oops! Looks like I need to drop a blast urgently. Without thinking for a long time, I went to the railway station and commenced looking for a place where I would shit. People are passing by and trains are passing by. Near one of the trains, I took off my undies and embarked shitting. Bews bet you wanna substitute your mouth under my beautifull ass. I know youre addicted to my thick juicy ass, watching me bend over and my hole yawn open to birth giant creamy turds, you just cant get enough. Are you counting down the days til I let you eat my shit? Ill tease you until then, for just how much you love watching me poop, how much you wanna smother your nose in my pile, and moan as I push. Its really good feels to shit in your mouth .