Eat My Scum And Cum English Subtitles

Today Im going to make you another nice energy drink, one thats right for the scum you are. A half bottle of very light piss, I obviously drank the very light water you will drink it in the form of piss. About half a liter of piss on tap with a lot of good foam. After that I add another boost of energy, a good chocolate juices straight from my butt. Fresh. While watching the movie, you have to do exactly what I tell you to do. During the movie I will hear my orders and all the bullshit that I spontaneously tell you, the result of the excitement that excites me to treat you like scum and imagine you doing everything that during the movie I tell you to do. And a very intense video that will make you cum hard. If you need subtitles ask me: itCLIP CONTENTS: gay, boy, male, scat, shit, shitting, piss, pissing, toilet, humiliation, degradation, dirty talk, ass, butt, soles, toes, spreading toes, legs, dick, cock, joi, pov,.