Eat Piss And Puke

All of the house work is done by these three ladies and their slave doesnt do anything to contribute to any of the chores. In this situation, the dominatrixes have had enough and determined to penalize him for it! Early in the morning, he is grabbed from his bedroom, stripped, and then fitted with a black mask over his head! He is then surrounded by the sweethearts, who are clasping whips in their forearms, whom then arm him with a cup packed with a specially made concoction composed of their mixed piss and puke! At the look of it, the man immediately gagged from disgust which resulted in a barrage of whipping on his back! Now knowing what the ladies want him to do, he is left with no choice but to hold his breath and dig into his sumptuous meal! However, despite his efforts, while he is busy gulping down mouthful after mouthful, the dominatrixes resume lashing on his back! With every land that hits is accompanied by a scream coming from inside the bowl of puke and piss! Unless he finishes it, the torment is just going to continue and his agony further prolonged!