Eat Shit From My Jeans

It has been a while since my slave was visiting me, and I thought it was a brainy thing to do to remind him where he belongs, and who he belongs to! So I order the slave to lay under my flawless booty, and I embark poke his face in my blue jeans. Making sure he can only breath my fragrance! I take my jeans of and taunt him with my flawless booty, before I liquidate it, and make him stick his tongue deep inside my asshole, so that he can get a taste of what his diet will be on his visit this time! But I cant hold it any longer, and I stand over his slave face, and start peeing amd shitting in my jeans. He must really have missed me! But he must eat to, so I aim my shit to his open mouth, and I poke his face in my crap jeans. He knows he need to eat it, there will be no other food for him to eat on his visit. So I let out a little log more, and make him enjoy it. So he should reek of me while he is here with me, and for sure no one else would ever come close to him!