Eating Poop In Prison

While in his prison cell, this man receives a visit from the fresh female police officer! She makes her way inwards and then all of a sudden strips him of his clothes! When he is rendered downright naked, she throws him on the floor, ties his arms together, and then pins him down by grabbing his neck! Shortly after, without warning, she starts defecating on his mouth! The man closes his lips tightly to prevent any of her filth to get inwards, but by the time she is done relieving herself, she orders him to devour her mound of feces! At very first, he proceeds resisting, but it doesnt take long before he understands that there is no getting out of this and finally decides to succumb to her authority! He starts chowing down on one chunk after another until there is nothing left on his mouth, but some fell on the ground during the process, so he is then made to clean up the mess he has made using only his lips and tongue! However, it doesnt end there! Apparently, the sweetheart did this because of her fetish for poop, and now that she is aroused, she reaches for his dick and gives him a handjob until he cums against his will!