Employee Punished With Piss Drinking

When these two ladies deemed the spectacle of one of their employees unacceptable, they summon him into their office! As soon as he arrived, they order him to undress! Believing that he is going to get some nasty time, he doesnt stand against! However, when he is left with only his underwear, he is ordered to get down on his knees! This is when things took a turn for the worst! One of the women grabs a glass and then urinates inwards of it! When she got it full, she forearms it to the man and then making him drink! At very first, he is hesitant, but left with no choice, he gulps down every drop of it! It took some time but he was able to do it! After which, he begs for grace since he knows that it isnt the only thing he is going to experience! Though, none is given! He is then laid down on his back on the floor and have his face covered with their panties! Immediately, they stomp and smother him with the soles of their feet! Eventually, they take a short break, but it didnt take long before they resumed with their punishment! After a while, the dominatrixes perform a different kind of torment! They take turns sitting on his face and feeding him with their pussies! For their finale, they spit inside his mouth until they get satisfied!