Feeding Shit Collection 2

Feeding feces collectionOn the eve of the holidays, I want to present my dear fans and viewers, a collection of films. You are waiting for the 4 films I over and over again, more and more feeding slave, my poo is, the total duration of an hour. It includes some of my dearest moments of nostalgia. After all, thats when my path to You my dear viewers began. I wish you a pleasant stay and good mood when watching. PS.: we can be viewed on any gadget or electronic media. With love, my dear fans and spectators. Glad holidays! 1. How it all beganI was walking through the forest and witnessed a dude that seemed familiar. Calling it I just made sure that I witnessed it on the website D/s toilet slave. I determined to use it directly in nature. He was afraid that he knew, but couldnt stand against my onslaught. I put him down and feces in his mouth, and then I realized that I like it. And since then he became my Toilet Poo eater2. Eating kaviar collected for 2 daysToday I made dinner for the Toilet Crap eater. I have collected kaviar for 2 days and he will not leave until all not to eat. I like to feed him shit. I want to teach him eat everything what I and my girl friends going to feed him. Its time to start training eat is a lot of crap! 3. Shitting in mouth, smeared shit and fedI waited for this moment, wanted to shit in your mouth my Toilet Shit eater. All the same in our lives get used to good things fast and lively toilet is essential. Pleasure from the fact that youre shitting in the mouth, a living man can not be compared with anything! Anyone who doing they knows. I pooped, a lot, and sat on his toilet mouth, he swallow fast, the feeling of warm shit in the crotch so perfectly! Understanding that he is under you cant breathe and swallow quickly so I did it and I always doing shitting in my living toilet as much as possible! 4. Punishment by shit. all eatI was getting ready to feed my toilet-shit eater this morning, waiting for him, and he was 4 hours late. Of course I couldnt hold that amount of shit myself, I poop in the Bank and decided to teach his naughty toilet mouth. He apologized and begged, but I was adamant and still stuffing all my shit.