First Mission

You are at your home, doing some things loving some free time. As its time for you for your daily bathroom routine. You come in the bathroom wearing a white skirt and a blue top, you also bring a file with you as you have a fresh mission to investigate and you gonna do it while taking a big dump. You take down your panty and land your grosso culo on the throne ah here we go you said to yourself as you make yourself comfy lets just have a seat a big explore my next target. Commence your business here while reading as without effort a lot of piss and feces comes out from you, that just feel so good but you are far to be finished so you stay seated and unwind even if its stink already as you put your forearm and your nose and make a phew face. Keep reading the files, as you are actually pleased with that. A friend of you who know your activity ask you to dipose of her spouse so she can get the policy insurance. you are smirking as you are pushing more out, you jus have to make it look natural so you will suffocate him with your butt until the end, that will not be a problem for you since you are the best. You have some more to thrust out so you study your first target schedule as you say it will be a pleasure since you dont like him. You also tell that you will be well payed for that since your friend will spare the insurance money with you as a reward,but first you need to finish here as you need to be empty for work as you finish to pee and to seated until your are sure, wipe your ass, flush and leave for the mission.