First Time Eating My Shit

----NEW TOP My beau determined to not do anything special for my bday and bailed on our plans so I determined to make it special in my own way!! And I wished him to share it with A nice long call of duty session!! With his nose wedged straight up my crack. This is what all you dudes deserve when you dont treat your women A nice lesson, underneath us. I set up the palm made throttle bench I had ordered specifically for his indignity and strap him in taut. Its going to be a long night, and I dont need my chair running away from me do I? Wearing my fresh underwear I ordered for the party I was going to attend that I lowered my arse directly onto his nose. Ahh thats it. Sniff boy: this is where youll be getting your air for the rest of the night. Straight from my And I dont just mean the air around I wont be moving from this spot. So if I have to fart? You get that air too. And Ill be making sure every ounce of it goes into your nose so I dont have to smell any of that wildness. Got it? Good. And Im sure youll be in luck for some extra air, Ive intentionally loaded up on broccoli and cottage cheese, with a few juice cheese bagels as a desert about an hour ago. The flawless combination to set off my lactose I didnt plan on you loving this night with me And yep!! I was right!! Here comes the very first one!! OOOH straight down his nose like a funnel. Im sure that has to burn. Just wait, every time I eat cottage cheese I get the NASTIEST moist Im not even sure I can call them But you can take Not like you have a choice, youre my chair tonight bitch. Haha its funny knowing some of these people have no idea the female they keep getting killed by is literally throttling someones nose inwards her butthole sucking hot farts straight into their lungs. If they only knew. I play game after game dumping fart after fart into his nose while they just get messier and messier, his nose has to be getting I almost feel So maybe Ill let him I untie his mitts and pull his dick out and suck on it a little just to taunt him, he thinks hes going to get a blow job!! How fucking wrong he Is, if he wants to cum. Hes going to have to do it with his nose wedged in my dirty ass while I fill his lungs up like a hot After releasing him, the true nature behind the farts getting increasingly wet exposed I now needed a toilet while I played. Without saying anything I strapped him down with even more security to ensure he could not escape, let a few fresh ones flow into his mouth and he asks me if I was going to sh Haha oh yes, open wide baby boy. A monster filled his mouth beyond capacity as I sat straight back down smashing it, filling his cheeks entirely and trapping it inside with my ass stuck to his face like glue while he smothered and Farting from time to time directly into his mouth that was already full of my sht, even adding to it. 15 minutes and 6 pairs of latex gloves later, putting anything that fell out, back in his There was nothing left of it. Hahaha good boy!! How much more pathetic can you be, being so owned by a girl that she just sits on your face like a toilet seat and pushes her sht straight down your throat like youre not even there. Youre just her personal full use toilet. The highest form of domination and humiliation at its finest. Maybe next time Ill hold it in for an entire week and see how he handles that .