Francesca’s Fartin’ Shartin Gruntin Strainin’

Francesca is back cranking em out like it was 2013!! The very 1st FUNKY lady is back and better than ever!! Love this mix of farts, turned to sharts, turned to plops!! She commences setting up real quick to record one of her signature farts!!! The sounds coming out this woman in the morning time are nothing less that Amazing!! Not to mention FUNKY as hell!! After the very first fart she realized she needed to budge the act to the bathroom. She thinks she just has to urinate and fart, but she released probably the loudest shart I have ever heard you can hear for yourself free of charge at my twitter jimbrownski79!! She wipes then realized she wasnt done, so she sits back down and lets out a few more sharts. Then later that afternoon she returns by bending over to let out yet another super gassy fart. Then she sits down for a serious plop session!! Francescas gonna be hitting yall with tons of FUNKY new content this summer!!