Full Toilet Slave Training 06

For months my slave has been begging me to permit him to serve as my toilet Fine, if thats what he wants! This is my 6th full-toilet training session with my little poop eater. Last time I mixed my delicious crap with a plate of bakmi goreng and he managed to eat everything in less than 10 minutes. Eyeing how hes improved its time to take it to the next level and feed him a plate of unadulterated crap instead of mixing it with food. This is gonna be raunchy, but no one said being a toilet would be Little does he know that I have been constipated for almost a week, my crap is rock hard and very pungent and will undoubtedly challenge him. I make him take a close-up shot of my poo so you can get a good view of its color and texture and then order him to stand in front of me. I smack his face several times to remind him of just how worthless he is and then its time for him to sit down and begin his meal. After he sits down on the floor I shove his face into my steaming pile of poo, eat it you filthy pig! The stench is overpowering, and he fights as he leisurely picks up a puny chunk with a fork. Just one bite and he already starts gagging, what a loser! He keeps staring at the plate so I shove his face into it again, EAT! To help him with the taste I feed him some cigarette ashes before leaning back again. Time for another bite and yet again he gags on it Come on, flush it down with a sip of soda, you can do it! He starts to sob as he takes the next bite, is it too much for you? Hahaha! Typical, lots of boasting about how he wants to be a toilet for me and all my friends and now hes in tears and fighting the urge to vomit. This pathetic loser is just too slow so I step on a piece with my boots and make him eat it off my soles, I do not have all day! He keeps struggling, this clearly isnt going anywhere so I take pity on him once he manages to eat half. Next time he better finish it all or I will have to resort to different measures and it down his throat!