Gorgeous Mistress Emily – Shit Soup

Plain and elegant. This time I am wearing nothing but my flawless beauty to make a solo movie. With no slave in the way of your view, you get to see my perfection and imagine you are there as you play with your lil' dick. Your mouth is a toilet to me. You can have a regular lunch but breakfast and dinner you will have what I had. My piss and crap! Youre a toilet. A toilet dose not care how rapid it comes out or how long it takes. Now do your breakfast!!! Mega Shit serve coming your way. A mix of piss and shit into a soupy goopy stinky mess. Up close with the camera angle so you can see those cheeks spread and it all come out. I swirl it around in this clear bowl so you can see all the little floaters and chunks in this messy nasty poop soup! Sounds so yummy doesnt it? Cheeks were spread and ready for a shit.