Group Use Of Female Toilet Slave

Group use of female toilet slave. This time the princesses used me after the holidays - they ate a lot of varied food and their booties were packed with a multitude of crap. Today Yana was very hot and very tasty. I did not expect this when I lay down under it - warm diarrhea began to flow into my mouth in large portions! I guzzled very quickly so that diarrhea does not glass on the floor. Christina eyed how Yana crapped my face and laughed. I ate Yanas diarrhea and Amina took her place! Amina cooked for me two solid chunks of poop that clung strongly to the teeth Amina loves chocolate - it makes her shit sweet and sticky even when I ate delicious shit of Christina, I felt shit Amina on my teeth. The third I was used by Christina, she crapped powerfully and with a fart. Her pile quickly filled my mouth, and the remnants fell on top of her do not want to touch their shit - its disgusting and disgusting for them! I had to feed myself, and the girls laughed and humiliated me.