Honey Browns New Bakers Dozen

Honey Brown is back in effect!!! Prior to Sub Miss Ann joining the FUNKY lady roster, Honey Brown has long been the oldest of my FUNKY ladies. At 46, she has a bod that shames 90 percent of the ladies on my store and scatshop period!!!! Beautiful gams, a nice rigid arse, and those delicious Natural D cup breasts of hers!! Women are still buying breasts to look as magnificent as hers!! This busy women is back with her longest set in a minute! Funny thing about Honey Brown is she is married to a woman. Her Wifey doesnt know that she makes these movies thus why she cant post on the regular!! Luckily for us, she still has a man on the side that lets her come through and film and even films for her from time to time!! Enjoy a nice mix of clips from both her sidepieces crib and on the low at home. Enjoy the sexy big logs she is famous for as well!! Nice mix of peeing and ploppage!!