How I Found Slave Girl My Toilet

This is the story of how it all began, how I found my slave lady, how I found her in the forest. I love to walk in nature, and that day I went for a walk in the forest outside the city. As it turned out, it was Providence. I noticed a doll walking carelessly among the trees alone. She smiled so sweetly, so openly, that at that moment I knew I wished her to be my slave dame. The female came over, we commenced talking and I commenced to act. Dumbfounding her, I made her smooch my feet, tied to a tree and began to cane. Her screams echoed so far through the forest that for a moment me thought everyone was running here at her screams. Chick sobbing, asked to float, but I was adamant. I got my way, persuaded her she wanted to be my slave girl. And a few days later, she stood on my doorstep in a red dress and with burning cheeks and eyes, from shame and desire. I found my slave, so I made her my toilet bowl. And in the future, more than once used her toilet mouth right in the Park, just off the road. Its so nice to shit in a helpful mouth outdoors. When the shit comes in warm eager young mouth. I get all wet and excited just thinking about it. 1. Flogging a slave girl in the woods She didnt know what I was up to. She had to face a cruel game. Slaps. Lick my dirty shoes. And I decided to tie it to a tree, the game was over. I flogged it and the rod whistled in the air, she screamed so much that I was afraid people would hear us, and they would come running. 2. Shitting in mouth slavegirl in woods I like to walk in the woods and use slaves in nature. Slave knowing this tried to Dodge, but she failed! I whipped her good and shat her in the mouth. How she squirmed trying to spit, but I made her eat all my shit. She will learn a lesson for a long time!