Huge Shit And Farts

In this movie I speak directly into the camera and you hear exactly what I think when I am looking down at a man I have just used as a toilet. You get to see my sleek form from underneath the toilet seat, Your natural environment. I use my railing crop on the naked slave and then lower my majestic booty on to the throne for one of the most stunning, panoramic displays of the female booty that a slave has ever been honored with viewing. The sleek white skin of my arse fills the screen and my ideal, lil' anus seems to be so close you could lick it yourself. I know you are already masturbating. The toilet eagerly licks my asshole and as it gradually becomes enlarged with it begins to pucker and become more prominent, emerging from the flawless skin of my ass to almost smile at the slave. I allow the slave to masturbate. Then begins one of the biggest shits I have ever honored a slaves face with. The slave struggles. Its face is obliterated with human excrement. I am pleased as stand and look back down through the toilet seat to inspect my work. You can imagine yourself looking up at me, wearing my shit on your face. You can see the bemused contempt in my smile. I tell you what I think of you in my accented but perfectly clear English Imagine yourself, struggling to breathe with the shit overflowing from your mouth and covering your nose. But still, you are masturbating. Look into my eyes and see how low you are. You are a toiletyou are not human.