Human Toilet Girl – Passionate Shit Eating

My name is Human Toilet Doll There are very few damsels like me. Why? Because I love my beau Mr Andrew so much that Im a toilet for him. He is my one true love and soulmate and I WANT to do things to make him feel good. It makes him feel good when I display myself naked to the world despite how very bashful I am. It makes me so bashful to even think you all are witnessing me naked, being a toilet for my bf and indeed fighting to eat his crap. His shit taste sooooo bad! But I love him and I refuse to fail him. I will be his toilet girlfriend and I will NEVER stop doing my best to eat his shit for the entire world to see. As shy as this makes me, it makes me proud to be a shit eating toilet for the man I love! Full Disclosure: These are a series of scat videos in collaboration with friends of mine. We therefore have exclusive permission from them to sell their content on their behalf for them. We are the only clip store with such an arrangement to sell their content as agreed upon. You wont find their exclusive content anywhere else and I am assisting them online with the shoots of this content Goddess Tempest And Devoted Sub AKA Stinky SteveAre you a fan of seeing women orgasm from shitting in someones mouth and cumming while their shit is being eaten? Then check my store for Broken Toilet 45 and Broken Toilet 49 where I reach intense orgasm in my slaves face from the pleasure of him eating my shit right out of my ass. Very big impressive bowel movements I had in those clips xoxo.