Interrogation With Piss

This man still wont give the police the information they need, so in this situation, the female dominatrix officers ultimately step in to make him talk, and it isnt pretty! Clasped in one of the ladies forearm is an empty plastic container where she proceeds to urinate into! After totally relieving herself, the other mistress proceeds to do the same, almost entirely packing it up! They then put it aside to concentrate their attention on strangling the victim with their crotches! The sweethearts take turns doing so and makes sure to feed the man with their dirty piss-drenched g-spots! As they grow even more aggressive with every passing 2nd, they later lay the guy on the floor and then sit on his face, eventually causing him to desperately grasp for air! Despite his suffering, the mistresses continue until they have finally had enough of the oral pleasuring! Though, it doesnt end there, they pull the container of piss from the side and then submerge the guys face into it, only pulling him up every after a couple of seconds! With every repetition, he desperately grasps for air, not only that, he ends up swallowing a lot of piss in the process! As long as he doesnt give them what they want, he can expect this to go on for the entire night!