Introducing Ashlie Slavvins Sharing My Secret

ont lie to yall, Been in a literal funk the past 6 weeks, and not the FUNK yall come to know and love either. But this youthfull lady right here.has put the battery back in my system!! I want to introduce you all to what will become your fresh obsession Ashlie Slavvins!! Ashlie is a lovely youthful lady that reached out to me a few weeks ago on the net. I hadnt been checking my emails but I had noticed a movie of her online on some site some ass hole was pirating her content, PLEASE STOP pirating ladies content yall! Why share for FREE what you paid to witness? SMH. Fortunately she put her watermark in the movie. So I found her online and followed, but never followed up with a convo. Little to my suprise she reached out to me and was already a fan of mine!! Ashlie is Uncommon treat I meet in this fetish, one that was recording and playing lil scat games with friends and paramours well before she realized there was money to be made. This ladies and gentleman is a FUNKY lady that is in it for the joy AND to get paid!! She told me she has TONS of movies she had made for a few friends that like what they witnessed on her individual social media account, and determined to become the character you will come to know and love! Enjoy this mix of clips old to her but new to us all! She already has started filming exclusives for yours truly, but enjoy this FUNKY Introduction set as she sent a mixture of clips from home and in private. Ashlie is a performance artist, and she will show that in her upcoming clips. Enjoy as she pees, plops, twerks, and even sneaks in a few poots!! lol She even switches up outfits her naughty schoolgirl getup in the final clips just drives me wild!! Ashlie Is the rare FUNKY loaded that came already prepared and somewhat seasoned as she has been sharing with her lover in private for years, but has discovered he aint the only one that wants to see her sexy ass keep it FUNKY!! Trust me this is just her fucking around, but Ashlie is one of the Most Game FUNKY ladies I have ever met, and game for everything!!