Loud Fart And Shit

Custom-made request: I would to see sit reversal rear end style on the floor and begin too noisy farts in the slaves mouth whilst his on the floor and then after that scat right in his mouth, I would like to see his mouth right in your butt so he takes it all inIntroThe best thing about having a toilet slave is that every time I have to go to the toilet, its a joy time for me, and a meal for the toilet itself. But nothing that comes out of me must be wasted, so I fart on my toilets face, and permit it the privilege of breathing my smell in. It is like an appetiser for the main part of the meal. That way the slave knows, what it is about to consume. I also take a shot at my face, so you can see how I laugh at the toilet with my ideal smile. But the joy time is just getting commenced. I order it to go where it belongs, and it takes its place under my toilet seat. Of course, it has to obey a certain etiquette. It kisses my shoes while I preach to it, about its place under me. After that, I really have to go, so I take a seat and demand a lubrication, and shortly I deliver my gift. Then I explain a few things to the slave. It is lucky to be in that position, and it knows that. I also take a look at you toilet slaves watching this and show you alittle treat. Enjoy craving my shit all day.