Madame Juliette’s Toilet Bitch

The Frenchman is my alpha masculine out on the chain to serve me! Of course, with designed chastity belt! Today you go to the toilet or ran the toilet Haha... But very first must Froschfresser on instruction of his master to only slurp my boots... My footwear off... Yes, and then sniff beautiful... The nose ass-plug between your toes and his breathing technique is becoming more intense! On collar I bring him to the bathroom! His ugly head I plug in the toilet... And now you lick carefully all Piss- Kackreste away! We want a clean loo have when youre done! This is not fast enough! Perhaps it will help if I push your head into the bowl and rinse... Small facial shower haha! Yes, and now its back from the living room to the master! VAT With Collar. Linen and terminals on the ears is piloted his face again at my feet to lick! After my feet my husband pressing him down at his patent leather shoes! LEAK! Now our French Klofotze must spoil my husband! Madame Monsier it have a good time!