Making A Shit Sandwich For Your Lunch At Work

Hi honey! You have been eating my poop for a while now so I think its time for a switch. Up until now you are only eating my delicious caviar at home. But commencing tomorrow, you are going to have a shitty lunch everyday at work! Im going to demonstrate you how I prepare your lunch. I squat over a plate and produce a good amount of feces. You can clearly see that there is some foods inwards of the log. I showcase you my kaviar from a very close-angle. In the next scene I prepare your poo sandwich. Are you ready to eat your meal with all your coworkers? What do you think they are going to say? What excuses are you going to come up with if they comment about the smell or if they ask what it is? One thing is sure, you will not starve after eating my shitty sandwich. There is a lot of hard smaller lumps, that will be your dessert! Pretend that these are brownie bites! You will also drink my piss all day at work. I dont want you to drink plain water anymore. Im so exited about this! I wish I could witness this. How do you think you are going to feel? Humiliated or exited? Dont forget to tell me all the details, I want to know how your collegues reacted and exactly what they said! This video was filmed with 2 cameras and the camera angle changes a couple of times during the video. Find more scat videos on DirtyMaryan. com .