Malaysia’s New Yuletide Logs

I have been missing this damsel!!! Malaysia is back in your world with Two fresh FUNKY clips!! I swear if you have never seen one of Malaysias Clips then you just plain dont like watching women poo!! Nobody in my store shoves out the Monsters that this tall model does She only poops every few days. So when she does unload OH Boy!! Love as she rocks, jiggles, grunts, strains and pushes out water splashing bombs in two new clips! Each one was about 3 days after the other so each clip is days worth of poop packed into one!! Malaysia is all action. Enjoy a great sideways angle in the 1st scene, followed by a close up rearview shot in the second. She gotta new toilet seat to cushion the blow from all the rocking and bomb dropping she used to do!! Malasyia is back and she is still the 1 Snake Charmer on LKIF!!