Male Classmate Converted To Human Toilet

Instantly right after gym class, a man goes straight to the locker room to switch but what greeted him is the glance of three of his female classmates! Before he could do anything else, he is grabbed, stripped, and pinned down on the floor on his back! One of the sweethearts then serves her cunt into his mouth, leaving him with no choice but to slurp and eat it! However, that is just the beginning! While he is in the middle of doing it, she abruptly urinates, causing him to swallow mouthful after mouthful of piss! When she is finished, she gets off of him and then a different woman gets her turn with him! What she does is urinate inside a steel bowl and then have the victim drink from it! So, he submerges his face in it and gulps again and again! By the time there is only a small amount left, he has no choice but to lick all over it to get to the last drop! For the last woman, she pees on his face but in the process, he still ends up drinking some of her urine! After which, his face is smothered against the floor to make him clean the mess that was created using only his mouth and tongue!