Meals On High-heeled slippers Rosella’s Shit And Piss Meal For A Slave

After a long time and after many questions whether I am still making scat movies, here is my newest Feces and Pooping-Toilet Slavery movie! I also had to visit a fresh slave who dreamed to swallow my shit and piss. No problem.. with me there are Rosellas Meals on Heels. The slave barely breathed when I shit a monster load of my divine shit in his slave mouth. On top of that, I pissed in his shit-filled mouth. The slave then had to eat and swallow all of my shit and of course my divine piss too! While he swallowed my delicacies I ordered him to jerk his cock until he sprayed! Which he did well. Would you like to taste my meels on heels? Then contact me!