Megans First Time Feeding Short Clio Series

Guys this is Megan. She is exceptionally timid and she did not want to be seen on camera at all. It took some talking her into this as well but hoping to get more of her again sometime soon! Her only request was that we didnt film her face or entire assets. But she was ok with us posting a photo of her bod for reference but that was it. She is amazingly beautiful, and a total dime. I liked this one a lot! Its a short one but it was intense. She rolled onto her back, stuck her legs up into the air, and spread her ass cheeks open and pushed out a big turd into my mouth! This is becoming a favorite position to receive of mine I chewed it up and swallowed just about all of itIt tasted fucking amazing Megan is someone I met a few years ago and has remained a close friend sinceShe is in a weak relationship currently and wants to keep this confidential for now. Enjoy.